Approving and Delivering Projects can be slow going

One of the pressures of modern business is to be increasingly agile and responsive to customer needs.  Yet this is often at odds with the business case development, and project financing process, where the expectation is that upfront requirements are well known, budgeted, “time-boxed” and agreed.  These are then often delivered using a “one size fits all” Waterfall delivery model that is heavy on governance, risky work handoffs, and is resistant to change.

To counter this challenge, many efforts to adopt, scale and mature agile delivery working practices often struggle as businesses just find them at odds with how they work.

The desired delivery sports car gets replaced with a familiar and dependable bus in the slow lane.

Fast Waterfall Project Management

The Fast Waterfall Project Management model offers “out of the box” rapid project delivery,  while working within common delivery framework processes,  language, and roles, established in most modern day businesses.

It brings together the “best of breed” of tools and processes from the Agile and Waterfall Delivery Models, to ensure rapid organisational adoption, acceptance and project delivery.

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