Take Action – who, if at all should write up the meeting minutes with Agile Teams?

Project Managers traditionally chair, facilitate and write up the assigned minutes with actions from a meeting. These are then shared, possibly tweaked but then formulate an action plan to be worked on before the next meeting.  At the next meeting, these actions are revisited, closed, modified and a bunch of new ones can be added, and so the cycle continues.  This approach works, but very much falls into the command and control camp where the PM defines the actions which ultimate translate into plans.  They are then also the gate keeper, and tracker of the action plans on an ongoing basis.

With Agile Teams, the PM wants to empower a team of leaders, innovators and decision makers. The mind-set is to shift from command and control to devolution.  However, a lack of clarity on next steps, and by whom is not going to make for a successful meeting culture, or set-up mechanisms for driving any project successfully forward.

Most leading cloud project collaboration tools, allow for quick and easy centralised capture of actions on a “card” on a shared Kanban “Board” during the meeting. These are useful for capturing a centralised vista on the action plan tagged to a person by a given date, avoid wasted time writing up the minutes, which may be then filed away by the PM, with the rest of the team unable to view until the next meeting.

Driving effective meetings, but capturing and sharing actions collaboratively, in a fast and efficient way is a lean timesaver, to help push towards the Fast Waterfall Project Management model.

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