Fast Waterfall Project Management

Delivery Review Project – Telecoms

The Head of Delivery Strategy at a large Telecoms business looked at the Fast Waterfall Project Management model as the “one size fits all” waterfall governance approach, with strict delivery phase entry and exit gates was not working.  The business and customers wanted quicker project delivery and associated releases.  The reputation of the IT leg of the delivery process was that it was slow, bureaucratic and people were starting to bypass it, and go direct to cloud vendors.

Introducing the Fast Waterfall Project Management model gave instant results.  The model slotted in with the business case development process, language and roles within the organisation, and gave the right level of governance and delivery processes suited for each project in the portfolio.  It also provided a framework for continuous improvement of the model overtime.

The results were impressive, with the average project’s delivery lifecycle time reducing, productivity increased, and the reputation of Project Management within the business was at a high.


Introducing Agile Practices

The Head of Business Intelligence at a FTSE 100 Company wanted to speed up Project Delivery, by removing the friction in the development process.  Feedback from stakeholders in the business was that rapid turnaround of BI was needed to enable actionable insight, but the delivery team was perceived as slow and resistant to requirements change.  Feedback from the delivery group was that stakeholders did not know what they wanted, and users kept changing their mind when they saw the software.

Working with the Fast Waterfall Project Management Business Consultants, the delivery and process integration “pain points” were identified, and options for process improvement were highlighted.  Through the introduction of agile working and engineering practices, supported by a structured training programme, delivery release times were improved; stakeholders really got what was required, and could build strategy accordingly.