Top 3 Life Hacks for Successful Project Management.

  • Divide and conquer – The Team(s) deliver the project; so work needs to be divided up between empowered teams, given the people, systems and processes to deliver successfully. This includes devolution of power to trusted teams and leaders to make key decisions, and the space to manoeuvre.  This also includes building trusted relationships with 3rd parties and contract resource, as important “cogs” in the delivery ecosystem.
  • Centralised, easy to use, and highly visual plan\tasks tracker – This is the team’s roadmap, sat nav and supporting dashboard for where its heading.  This is where a shared tool, with workflow and an intuitive, interactive interface, across the team(s) is critical.  It needs to be an information “beacon”, with clear positive and negative signalling for successful project control, and delivery.
  • Excellent horizontal and vertical communications lines – Regular feedback loops to all key stakeholders are critical.  These need to be value adding, and not a distraction from what people need to work on.  Introducing a cadence to these feedback loops, with a clear focused framework (see Life Hack 2) often helps to keep them efficient, effective and engaging.

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